Que-It is an organizational iPad application for stage managers and designers. The application allows the users to load a PDF of a script and then organizes the Q’s into categories, such as lighting, sound, deck, and projection, however categories are defined by the user and any system or organizational style can be used with the application. The application also has the ability to create a prefix for each list as well as the ability to hide and show individual lists.   This application has the capability to auto number or letter each Q list, or allow the user to load in a number or letter.  It also allows the user to enter data as to what the purpose of the Q is. Once the information is set, the application will auto stand-by the script.  All of this data can be manipulated within the application allowing the user to edit a cue's data as well as allowing the user to change the location of the cue or remove the cue from the script.  At each stage of the work the file can be saved to a cloud or server for back up. Once the information is set to the users needs the application can auto stand-by the script if desired or the user can create a standby cue list . If using auto stand-by's the user can then leave these stand-by’s individual or combine them across cue lists.  The application allows the user to customize settings giving the choice of color for each category.  Additional features of the application are managing a set of bookmarks for quick navigation, exporting and importing individual cue lists as well as entire shows for sharing, storing contact information for each designer as well as the venue the show is being produced in. Que-It also has the ability to map a PDF page number to a user defined page number, which will allow for better compatibility with rehearsal scripts.

Line-It is an application which has been developed to allow stage managers to load a PDF script into the application and manage line notes from within a digital environment. While in rehearsal, the stage management staff can use the application to identify a line that a performer has missed or said incorrectly. They can then circle that line, or group of lines, and a pop up box will appear and give them a list of the cast to choose from for the note. These pages will be bookmarked and referenced to the performer who missed the line. These notes are saved and organized by performer. When prompted, the app will send an e-mail to each performer with their notes for the session. 

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What makes Fixture Finder different from other beam calculators? We believe the workflow is more closely aligned with how a lighting professional works. Rather than giving you every beam size for a given distance, you are asked what beam size you would like, and you are returned the fixtures that come closest. The App also gives you the option to hide fixture types that may not be applicable to your inventory.  You also have the option to specify your preferred unit of measurement, and whether or not you prefer to calculate based on field angle or beam angle. Fixture Finder currently supports most well-known ellipsoidal manufacturers.